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Genesis Process

If God or life makes you willing to change, Genesis can make you able to change.  — Michael Dye

The Genesis Process
For the first time in history we are beginning to understand why we continue to do self-destructive behaviors in spite of negative consequences. The Bible and other literature have told us for literally thousands of years that if we want to change who we are and what we do, we have to change our heart. New understanding from brain research shows us how trauma (abuse and neglect) can distort who we are and what we believe and thus how we act. Genesis Process is intentional about initiating lasting heart (brain) changes, thus bringing healing to what drives destructive behavior rather than just coping with it. 

Our Genesis Process groups, as part of our In-prison and Prison Aftercare ministries, as well as our For Men Only groups, provide both a biblical and neurochemical understanding of what causes us to be self-destructive and to create an effective roadmap to change. The Genesis principles and tools can help those who are willing to change be able to change. Genesis Process group members gain understanding of how trauma has left them using broken coping behaviors. They also devise a recovery plan that really works to help them experience true and lasting to help them experience true and lasting change and restoration of their broken lives. Whether the issue is anxiety, anger, alcohol, drugs, food abuse, work, relationships, a critical attitude, or spiritual stagnation this unique Process is easy to apply and simple to implement.

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