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For Men OnlySexual addiction is devastating no matter how you look at it. It is overwhelming to cope with the grief, shame, and guilt that result from your own addiction. Our For Men Only (FMO) groups provide hope and healing to break free from sexual addiction. Their purpose is to support men in their recovery by providing a safe, confidential place to process their life story, to process addiction, to build a lifestyle of accountability, and to find healing. Group members will discover how to break free of denial and face truth before God and others. They will be able to identify their pattern of relapse and develop an effective plan to avoid it. They will be given tools to understand how pain and trauma from their past drive their current behavior. 

Millions of victims are trapped in the struggle of sexual addiction with no apparent way out. FMO groups are the answer to the desperate cry for help from men who have tried to build sexual holiness into their lives and have failed. Group members find hope for establishing healthy personal boundaries with proven, practical applications to claim Christ's healing power and presence, perhaps for the first time. If you, someone you love, or someone you are counseling struggles with sexual addiction, FMO is an anchor amid rough waters and the offer of a new appreciation for Christ's healing power and presence. 

Our close partnership with the Nathan Project plays a crucial role in our ability to provide the FMO ministry and to effectively lead these groups. Please go to for more information. We utilize resources and materials from Pure Desire Ministries ( and The Genesis Process ( and we recognize them and thank them for their invaluable support.

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